About Me

As a woman in my 50’s I am starting to dig into the wisdom I have learned throughout my life, much of it through experience, some through lessons but most by happy accident.

Lucky enough to have my children in my early 20’s, I birthed them both at home and shared those early years with wonderful friends and family, learning the importance of community when bringing up a family and as a result of my experiences founded Doula UK in 2001. www.doula.org.uk

In 2004 after more than a decade of working as a massage therapist I discovered Arvigo® Therapy. This quite literally changed my life and has allowed me to positively impact the lives of countless others.

I trained directly with Dr Arvigo in America and then Belize, with a dogged determination and possibly a little stalking I followed my teachers as apprentice and general assistant until such point that I now find myself proudly qualified to teach this work at a Professional level

During this time we have taken Arvigo Therapy to Australia, Israel, much of Europe and now cover most of the United States making me what I like to call myself – ‘An International Teacher and Therapist!’

International as I am you will find me for the most part cycling in and out of Guildford or walking my dog in between appointments. I am an avid follower of the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time be good, 20% be as bad as you like, so coffee and cake are regular features in my week.

Laughter being the best medicine I try to blend my work with humour and compassion where ever possible and am pretty confident I get the balance right most of the time. I count myself very lucky to do something I love and hope very much that I can share this work with you.

About the work

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) are a traditional form of therapy from Belize, Central America and are believed to encourage the womb into optimal position for good health and wellbeing, so as to improve fertility, menstrual issues and digestive problems.

Today we know that the uterus is held in place by ligaments and these can become stretched for a variety of reasons, some women may have been told they have a ‘tilted’ uterus and this could be the cause of many ‘female’ problems.

We look to assist homeostasis and hemodynamics in our work, allowing the body to adjust and find its own balance.

By working deeply into the Diaphragm we can impact all the bodies systems and part of the first appointment is teaching you the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of each part of the therapy.

The Arvigo® Techniques are unique in that they are a combination of ancient wisdom with a modern interpretation that holds us at the peak of our profession. Dr Rosita Arvigo was the first to bring this work to modern attention and is responsible for its growth around the world.



The self care massage is what makes our Therapy unique. Dr Rosita Arvigo understood the value of giving clients something to take home with them and regular feedback from clients emphasises how wonderful it is to have such an easy tool to work with.

Through repetition of the massage on a daily basis in your own home you will develop a deeper understanding of your own body, see faster results from the work and in many cases lessen the need for endless treatments with a therapist. You get to do the work and you get to experience the benefits. In addition to this I will encourage you to explore a variety of other self care techniques to support you in all areas of your life. (This sometimes involves shopping, excursions, eating great food, drinking, dancing and generally having fun)


Rosita's Story

Dr Rosita Arvigo a Naturopath from Chicago, arrived in Belize, met Don Elijio Panti a Maya Shaman and traditional healer then eventually became his apprentice until his death aged 103. During this time she worked closely with many traditional midwives and learnt much of what we know to day as the Arvigo® Techniques.

Dr Arvigo is a well respected herbalist and author of many books and has devoted her life to keeping folk medicine alive, validating it in the eyes of the western world.

These techniques are a combination of traditional and modern understanding of how the body works, combining a practical, hands on approach with a deep respect for the power of intention and prayer which Don Elijio taught her.

In the time that I have known this work I have seen it grow from a few 100 therapists in the USA to over 1000 worldwide and I have had the good fortune to teach many of these practitioners in Israel, Australia, Italy, America and the UK.

If you would like to know more of Dr Arvigo’s story you can read her autobiography ‘Sastun’ which can be found at www.arvigotherapy.com with many of her other books.

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