A Solstice bath or maybe, try a little tree hug?

It’s that magical time of year when the day is long and the night short. The summer Solstice is the 21st June and we can do this bath in the few days before or after, in fact the full moon on the 23rd would be perfect too.

If you can’t have a bath then get out in to nature and hug a tree one evening this week. Its beautiful out there and we ALL have time to take a breath with nature, it doesn’t get dark until 10 at night and is light again at 4a.m You CAN find the time. If you can’t hug that tree then just a little lean on it, maybe brush your self down with a few oak leaves and feel the power of nature at this the centre of the year. Try it – you don’t even have to be a hippy!

A spiritual bath is any bath we do with intention, it could be as simple as lighting a few candles, using some essential oils and saying a prayer. Water has a profound ability to cleanse on many levels – not just the physical.

I learnt my bathing tradition from Maya healer Dr Rosita Arvigo, my teacher and mentor.

With her we were taught to pick our herbs and plants with a prayer that they would support us in our journeys, to give thanks to the plant and Mother earth for providing such beauty.

Right now in the gardens, hedgerow and municipal parks are roses, marigolds, lavender, ladies mantle, oak leaves, humble but perfect dandelions, plantain and so much more. Go out and find your plants, even simple herbs like rosemary or holy basil bought from the supermarket can do the job. Hum a little song, smile and chat to them and bring them home.

Place your plants in a large bucket or bowl of warm water and mash with your hands whilst praying to whoever you feel appropriate or asking for support from the universe. The water will turn a brackish colour and stop being quite as pretty.

If you can leave the water in the sun for a couple of hours then perfect but in my beautiful home in England this is not always possible.

When you are ready, take your bowl to the bath, top up with warm water if necessary, light a candle, burn some incense and meditate on what you would like at this mid point in the year.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. Not too many ‘if’s and ‘buts’ or caveats and clauses. The universe is indeed abundant but lets not clog it up with our own ‘deals’, ask out loud for what you want and let spirit take care of the details.

Start to pour the water over your self, starting with your head and feel the support of the plants and herbs. You could then soak in a nice warm bath, after, wrap up warm and stay out of drafts. Allow your self some time to rest and maybe write in that special book you’ve got hidden some where.

Do this for your self, a friend, your children, your loved ones. A spiritual bath is one done with love and summer is a great time for love.

Happy Solstice xxx