If you are interested in learning more for either your own benefit or as an addition to your Profession then you may be interested in a workshop.

Arvigo® Self care workshops are a 2.5 day immersion in the work pioneered by Dr Arvigo and developed but the Arvigo Institute. You will learn anatomy and physiology, the history and Spiritual applications of the work, emotional aspects of health and wellness and a myriad of ways to apply all this to your life.

We commonly have lay people, nurses, midwives, young women, elder women and therapists in the Self care workshops. This workshop is a way to gain a deeper understanding of Abdominal massage and Maya Therapy for personal use and is a prerequisite for those who wish to go on to Professional level.

For more information on how to advance to Arvigo® Practitioner then go to

I offer1 day workshops for Menopause, Fertility or Teenagers. These day retreats can be tailored for specific groups if you would like to organise your own event to share with friends.


Online Summit


September 1st - 6th find out more here

Dr Rosita Arvigo and I prepping for our presentation in Palestine.

Dr Rosita Arvigo and I prepping for our presentation in Palestine.

Hire me as a Speaker.

If you are looking for a Speaker with a difference I could be your woman. I offer talks on all my favourite womb related subjects with an empowering twist that will move and invigorate you. Contact me if you would like to discuss your options.

Hilary you were utterly inspiring in a kind of get up, boot stomping, hell yes I can do anything kind of way! Brilliant
— Zara de Candole, Doula UK