Kitchen table to the world

I often get asked about how I started my work, as with all the best ideas this one occurred at the kitchen table. My son was 3 months old and miraculously sleeping whilst his big sister was scissor snipping things in the corner. I was 25 and WHAT was I going to do with the rest of my life?

These times were pre Internet for me so a magazine provided inspiration, a few phone calls later I was booked on my first massage training. The rest as they say is history. It was, I have to confess, an impulse decision but one that has served me well.

Since those days I have travelled right around the world, Central America, the States, Japan, Australia. I have meet countless inspirational women, wept, laughed and been swept along on a wave that has never let me down.

As my children grew I became a Doula, founding Doula UK with some like-minded women, no budget and a blind optimism. I sent my first e-mail, chaired my first meeting and later found myself at the Houses of Parliament helping to shape childbirth in the UK.

During this time I heard of Dr Rosita Arvigo, she had trained with a Traditional Healer from Belize in the art of abdominal massage. A flame was lit and off I went again. This work was unknown outside the States so with that same naïve belief I set off and brought the work home to the UK.

The treatment is simplicity its self but the results are profound, by working deeply into the pelvis and diaphragm as part of a full body treatment we improve circulation and support female health conditions from painful periods to fertility problems, menopause, prolapse and more.

My favourite part of our therapy is teaching the client a form of self-care massage. This is powerful stuff and I have seen it change lives, not only my own but those of the business women, the lawyers, the mothers, the childless, those who have been abused and those young women who have yet to grow and find their way.

As I approach the age of ‘wise woman’ in my own life and 25 years in business I increasingly feel the need to spread this work.  I now teach workshops and train others in this wonderful modality worldwide. I’ve come a long way since that kitchen table, my daughter ‘snips’ things for a living and my son stays up all night for his career, some things never change.