Thinking, with heart, head and womb

A woman at a recent workshop coined this thought after hearing what we had to share about wombs, I loved the concept and it is now my newest mantra.

What does your head say, does your heart agree and how does your womb feel about it? We could call them ‘gut instincts’ but for us ladies it’s more likely to be our womb talking and maybe its time to start listening.

The womb is the most creative organ in the body and so much of the time we ignore her, only stopping to pay attention when some thing goes wrong but when we wait a moment and listen we just might get that little extra insight we need.

So what is your womb saying? Is she desperate for a baby or terrified of getting pregnant? Maybe she hates the clothes you are wearing and is screaming out for an elasticated waist and comfy shoes or maybe she wants to stay up all night and go dancing. Does your womb really want that sex and have you got your head and your heart on board too? When we listen to our wombs, we make healthy choices and that’s something we could all do to learn.

Did you know your womb doubles in size every cycle? Not only that but she is held in place by ligaments and if for any reason these have become stretched then your womb may be less than perfectly positioned. This may result in less than perfect behaviour from our personal female throne.

No wonder we can feel full and bloated when our period comes, the womb can double from between 2 and 4 ounces to 4 or 8 ounces over one cycle – that’s a whole lot of womb and she’s going to make her self heard if she’s not happy. Painful periods, endometriosis, lack of libido, constipation, mood swings may all result from a womb that’s out of balance.

So what can you do?

Learn to listen with our self-care massage, even simply holding your womb and breathing into that space right now is a wonderful place to start and regular massage can help your womb into a great place both physically and emotionally.

Women make choices for all sorts of reasons but when we have our head, our heart and our womb singing from the same page – that’s when our dreams really can come true.

If you would like to know more about this then take a look at our website or drop me a line for information on workshops and massage therapy.

From my womb to your womb I think you might just like it.